Handmade Forged High-carbon Clad Steel Kitchen Knives


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Handmade Forged High-carbon Clad Steel Kitchen Knives

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This is a 100% handmade knife. It is made of Clad Steel blade high carbon stainless steel. Its operation process is very complicated. The production time of a knife is longer than that of an ordinary knife. It needs constant quenching in the production process.

In quenching - Hammer - Quenching - Clamping Steel - Hammer - Quenching - Quenching and other continuous cycle operations.

The quenching splash is 780 degrees and the quenching is 180 degrees - 200 degrees. This operation guarantees the hardness and sharpness of this knife. If used correctly. You can use the knife 15-20 years or longer.

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